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Herd Highlight - Urban Ark Conservation

Here is our Herd Highlight for the month of February!

- Who are you? Urban Ark Conservation, Effort PA

- What do you breed? We breed Arapawa Goats, Meishan and Mangalitsa Pigs, and Royal Palm Turkeys. - Tell us about your farm! We started Urban Ark Conservation in 2017. It is a veteran-owned farm focused on the conservation of endangered breeds of livestock, sustainable agriculture, and agri-therapy. Our goats are a vital part of our conservation efforts and our agri-therapy programs for veterans with PTSD. We operate completely off of donations from the public. Arapawa goats are a perfect size for any sustainable homestead project and we enjoy working with them because of their temperament and the veterans can get a lot of quality time with them. Facebook: Urban Ark Conservation Instagram:@urbanarkconservation

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