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2021 AGBA Members Meeting - Agenda

We are nearing our 2021 AGBA members meeting and we are all very excited to get together

once again, virtually!

2:00 – Opening remarks/introductions

2:05 – General updates

  • Membership update

  • Treasury Update

  • Newsletter update

  • AGBA website update

  • Calendar photo entries

2:30 – AGBA Breed standard and structural soundness

  • Led by Emily Nyman

We officially have a breed standard! The AGBA has heard the members wants and needs and we have answered!

Structural soundness is an important aspect of breeding and raising goats. Don't know where to start? I will help you learn about structural soundness and how we can work to improve our goats.

2:45 - Culling goats

  • Led by Callene Rapp and Emily Nyman

What is culling? We will teach you what culling is and how it can be useful for the Arapawa breed. This is going to be helpful for any member who needs a boost of confidence in selecting goats to cull and learning what your cull goats can be used for!

3:15 – Selling and marketing goats

  • Led by Stephanie Buchanan

What you will learn: I will be discussing important things to consider when you are buying and selling goats. For buyers: We will cover important questions to ask when purchasing animals, pickup/delivery options, state regulations for animal import/export, and health

testing. For sellers: We will cover what should be included in bills of sale, breeding guarantees, and registration transfers. This session will be beneficial for anyone who buys or sells goats!

3:45 – Closing remarks and Q and A

4:00 – Zoom closed down

We look forward to seeing all AGBA members that can attend! A zoom link will be sent to your email.

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